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Specialized Outsourcing

Grupo Roales Outsourcing offers specialized services in order to be an extension of our clients business working as a strategic partner in the development of its industrial and commercial activities with high standards of quality and professionalism. We take the time to understand the needs of our customers. We assign our qualified staff and create the necessary conditions for work teams have the least possible rotation maintaining full commitment to support meet the development objectives of any project for our client.



Grupo Roales was born as an outsourcing company in the engineering processes of oil exploration and production sector. For several years we have supported the operation of diagnoses, such as technical and management solutions in several areas of operational and organizational activity.

With the aim of providing world class quality results, we have developed our own methodologies applicable to the area of project management that allowed us to expand our service offerings beyond the oil sector.

We have expanded our business area to the area of Refining, Petrochemicals and drilling. Today we also have several lines of services able to continue to support our customers in the oil sector, as well as any other productive sector.

Our company has the ability to offer:

Consultancy specializing in the different components of the value chain of the oil business.
Analysis to develop strategic transformation processes and reengineering of organizations.
Measuring individual and organizational competencies and specialized for closing knowledge gaps training.
Counseling in real time to improve productivity and process efficiency in exploration and production of hydrocarbons.
Development opportunities, new business models and project management.

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