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Administrative Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a global trend in the business community. Through outsourcing services and processes that are not part of the main line of business, allowing companies to focus their efforts on the core competitiveness in order to obtain tangible results and activities. Outsourcing was considered until very recently as a means to significantly reduce costs, however in recent years has proven to be a useful tool for business growth, freeing up resources that can be focused on increasing their competitiveness tool.


Our Commitment

Grupo Roales commitment is to provide Administrative services for Industry and Commerce to meet the service needs of our customers, complying at all times with the applicable law, our policies on quality and service, while preserving the safety and health of our staff and facilities, as well as protecting the environment through our standardized processes practiced at all levels of the organization with the value of continuous improvement.


Benefits We provide:

Management activities that do not relate to the objects of the company, allowing it to focus and to be focused on their core business competencies
Increased competitiveness
Reduction of administrative costs
Streamlining, maximizing and optimizing processes
Contracting with greater functionality and lower costs
More added value for clients and services through agility and timeliness of our services in managing processes transferred.

Outsourcing is a trend that has been an important part in management decisions in recent years in all companies worldwide. Outsourcing has been defined in several ways. We can mention:

It is when an organization transfers the ownership of a business process to a supplier. The key to this definition is the aspect of the transfer of control.
It is the use of external resources of the company to perform activities traditionally executed by company staff and internal resources. It is a management strategy by which a company delegates the execution of certain activities to highly specialized firms.
Is to hire and delegate to one or more long-term non-critical processes to a business, a specialist provider to achieve greater effectiveness, to guide the best efforts of a company to the crucial requirements for the performance of a task.
Action to use an outside agency to operate a function previously carried out within the company.

It is the method by which business off any activity that is not part of your main skills, a specialized third party. By major or core skills all activities that form the core business of the company is understood and you have competitive advantages over the competition.
It basically consists of annexes outsourcing resources, while the organization is dedicated exclusively to the reason or core activity of your business.
Products and services offered by a firm of independent suppliers anywhere in the world.
Outsourcing is more than a contract of persons or assets, is a contract for results.

The contracting company, or buyer will benefit from a relationship of Outsourcing as achieved in general terms, "greater functionality" that was internally with "Lower Cost" in most cases, by virtue of economies of scale obtaining the contracted companies. In these cases the company cares exclusively define the functionality of the different areas of your organization, letting the company deal with Outsourcing decisions about technology, project management, implementation, management and operation of infrastructure.


May be mentioned the following benefits or advantages of the process of Outsourcing::

Manufacturing costs decline and investment in plant and equipment is reduced.
Allows the company to respond quickly to the changing environment.
Increase in the strengths of the company.
Help build a shared value.
Helps redefine the company.
Build a long sustained competitive advantage through a rule change and a greater scope of the organization.
Increases commitment to a specific type of technology that improves the delivery time and the quality of information for critical decisions.

It allows the company to possess the best technology without the need to train staff of the organization to handle.
It supplies information services quickly considering the competitive pressures.
Application of talent and resources of the organization to the key areas.
Helps meet changing business conditions.
Increased organizational flexibility and reduced fixed costs.

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