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Grupo Roales has the ability to manage projects "turnkey" in which forces us as a company to the customer, to design, construct and operate a work and / or service.

Other obligations we adopt, at the time of a contracts to undertake a turnkey project are:

The supply of materials and equipment
Transportation of the same ones
The performance of services
The installation and assembly, and commissioning and operation of the proposed work or service.
Payroll Administration
Compliance with tax obligations
Redemption Portfolio Collection
Consulting (ISO Certification standards and NMX before the EMA)
Trademark Registration, Logos and Slogans with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI)
Imports and Exports
Among Other


In Grupo Roales we are committed to the supply of Machinery and Materials, and meet the quality standards set by working effectively and safely. Some of our materials and machines that provide:


Electrical equipment
Electrical equipment against explosion
Distribution Equipment
Commercial Electrical Products
Personal Protective Equipment
Painting and marine coatings
Among Other


Hydraulic cranes
Welding machines
Stress Relieving Machines


We service to transport materials, equipment, and personnel, with transfers made from an accessible environment as the city, the highways to movements, maneuvers in the mountains, and inaccessible places. Therefore we have enough experience to be able to transport their equipment and provide the security that is in the hands of specialists and it will arrive on time plus in the same condition in which it was loaded.

Group Roales addition to providing service to transport your materials and equipment, also offers professional logistics involved staff travel. Grupo Roales has an internal structure level offered technical specialists in each branch, with a policy of clearly defined customer orientation. Enhancing the customer-supplier relationship, optimize the degree of customer satisfaction, flexible product to suit the economic profile of the buyer getting the quality expected are basic objectives of our company.

Group Roales was born as an outsourcing company in the engineering processes of oil exploration and production sector. For several years we have supported the operation of diagnoses, such as technical and management solutions in several areas of operational and organizational activity.

Our company manages two types of Outsourcing administrative and specialized.

Benefits we provide:

Management of activities that are not related to the corporate purpose of the company, allowing it to focus and focusing on its core business competencies
Increased competitiveness
Reduction of administrative costs
Streamlining, maximization and optimization of processes
Contracting services with greater functionality and lower costs
Increased added value for clients and services through agility and timeliness of our services in managing processes transferred

Grupo Roales offers specialized outsourcing services in order to be an extension of our clients business working as a strategic partner in the development of its industrial and commercial activities with high standards of quality and professionalism. We take time to understand the needs of our customers. We assign our qualified staff and create the necessary conditions for the teams are reasonably rotation maintaining a full commitment to support meeting the development objectives of any project for our client.

In order to deliver quality results world-class, we have developed proprietary methodologies applicable to the area of project management, that allowed us to expand our service offerings beyond the oil sector and we have the certifications of ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, ISO 18001: 2007.

We have expanded our business area to the area of Refining, Petrochemicals and drilling. Today we also have several service lines able to continue supporting our customers in the oil sector, as well as any other productive sector.

Our company has the aptitude to offer:

Consultancy specialized in the different components of the chain of value of the business of the hydrocarbons.
Strategic Analyses to develop processes of transformation and reengineering of organizations.
Measurement of individual competitions, organization and training specialized for the closing gap of knowledge.
Real time Advising for the improvement of the productivity and process efficiency in exploration and production of hydrocarbons.
Development of opportunities, new Models of Business and project management.

The increasing trend in the use of "outsourcing" or processes outsourcing are based on the need of the company to route all their efforts to the "core business", with the assurance that their processes are efficiently handled by specialists committed to the strategic guidelines business.


With the services of Administration of lists and countable services you will manage:

Increased focus on the administration of the "core" in your business.
Significant reduction in costs.
A better "backoffice"..
Optimization of technology and improved communication.
Better use of the strengths and capabilities of the company
Improved information for decision making assertive.
Handling confidential information.

We advise our clients holistically, from the start of operation of its business, accounting processes, payroll and human resources and in meeting their tax obligations in a timely and reliable manner, proposing recommendations to the operational efficiency.

We have a wide range of specialized services tailored to your needs and business strategy:

Steps for Starting a Business with Government agencies

Registration with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (Processing of Advanced Electronic Signature and CIEC).
Register with the Mexican Social Security Institute.
Registration in the register of the local payroll tax.

Accounting and Administrative Processes

Preparation of accounting records and preparation of financial statements in accordance with Financial Reporting Standards.
Determination of deferred taxes.
Translation of financial statements.
Manage accounts receivable and payable.
Preparation of tax annexes.
Budget and cash flows.
Physical inventories of materials and fixed assets.


Process payroll
Generating reports, receipts and accounting policies by cost center.
Generating files to automate payroll dispersal through its banking system.
Determination of taxes and contributions arising from the payroll.
Calculation of special payrolls (PTU, bonuses, and vacation pay).
Calculation of settlements and settlements.
Preparation of the records of perceptions and deductions.

Tax compliance

Income Tax, Value Added Tax and the Flat Rate Business Tax.
Withholding income tax to individuals.
Information Statement of transactions with third parties.
Payments abroad.

In Consulting, we needed to eliminate or reduce various types of risks by implementing administrative schemes, implementation of risk management tools, development and delivery of training programs and systematic evaluations for different industrial items (Technology Services comprehensive, Training Programs, Consultancy, Audits, Environmental Division).

Grupo Roales is focuses on supporting our customers in the efficient management of risks according to strategic business plan. Develop professionals risk prevention in its transformation as internal consultants / agents of change.

Grupo Roales consists of specialists in each of the rows of risk management:

Industrial safety
Hygiene and Occupational Health
Fire protection
Risk analysis in process
Environment and industrial protection

In Grupo Roales advise our clients to be ready for accreditations and certifications in the following areas:

Quality Management Systems
Management System Safety and Health at Work
Management System Food Safety
Management System Information Security
Management System Supply Chain
Corporate Social Responsibility
Energy and Climate Change
Environmental Management System
Food Safety System Certification
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
Certified Medical Device
Management of Information Technology Services

We compromise to provide catering services which includes supplies, food and hospitality to all types of boats and offshore platforms or industrial kitchens that work in the Campeche Sound, based on national and international rules and standards to ensure quality of service, in order to fully meet the needs and requirements of our clients, through monitoring and continuous improvement of our system of quality management.



Administrative Offices.
Offices for Ground Operations.
Storage for better handling of products and Refrigeration and freezing cameras.
Patio maneuvers.
Special vehicles for the transport of food, permits access to all docks.
Inputs of the highest quality.
Highly qualified staff.
The best and most prestigious brands.

Grupo Roales wants to be an alternative to other companies dedicated to the specialized foreign trade procedures and consolidated market customs service. Our services are focused from micro to multinational companies.

Imports and Exports: Attention to domestic and foreign suppliers, import Their Own name and third of goods and products in general.

Distributor: Being registered in the General Register of Importers, we can import their products without any problems so you do not make any cumbersome process and avoid worrying about subsequent notices or fines.

Comprehensive advice on foreign trade: The key to importers and exporters is the knowledge of Customs, it is essential to move goods in and out of their country, that is why we will guide you in the right way so that your goods arrive the desired destination in the time indicated on the agreed terms.

Agency, consulting and customs clearance: We know the customs legislation to adequately fulfill its customs procedures and tax obligations, so that you get the maximum benefit from the provisions in force and have full confidence that our operations are 100% legal.

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