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Consultancy for You Company

We needed to eliminate or reduce various types of risks by implementing administrative schemes, implementation of risk management tools, development and delivery of training programs and systematic evaluations for different industrial items (Comprehensive Services, Technology Programs Training, Consulting, Auditing, Environmental Division). Grupo Roales ocuses on supporting our customers in the efficient management of risks according to strategic business plan. Develop professionals risk prevention in its transformation as internal consultants / agents of change.


Grupo Roales consists on specialists in each of the rows of risk management:

Industrial safety.
Hygiene and Occupational Health.
Fire Protection.
Risk analysis process.
Civil defense.
Environment and industrial protection.

Services Accreditation


In Grupo Roales advise our clients to be ready for accreditations and certifications in the following areas:

Quality Management Systems
Management System Safety and Health at Work
Management System Food Safety
Management System Information Security
Management System Supply Chain
Corporate Social Responsibility
Energy and Climate Change
Environmental Management System
Food Safety System Certification
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
Certified Medical Device
Management of Information Technology Services

Download Consultancy - Acreditation:
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