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Catering - Food and Hospitality

In Grupo Roales we are committed to providing refreshment, food and all kinds hospitality, boats and offshore platforms working in Campeche, based on national and international norms and standards to ensure quality of service, in order to meet fully the needs and requirements of our clients, through monitoring and continuous improvement of our quality management.



Comprising the customer provides a list of inputs required in the boat, either 14 or 28 days and then you are given directly on the vessel at the time and date specified in the requested dock.




It consists on providing to the boat staff (Chef and Rewaiter) to make the food processing and generate the internal cleaning of the common areas, recreation areas, bathrooms and cabins. Providing all inputs are required for the preparation of food and cleaning the boat. The food service company that offers its guests,, including menus varied and sufficient; focused on good nutrition, with input from the best quality, strict hygienic food handling and waste generated. .Our company cares about keeping all our dishes with excellent flavor and presentation, submitting to the STANDARD NOM-093-SSA1-1994. In this area the total preparation of food and dining and full assembly service lines include:

Dinner midnight
Meals delivered to the area
Special Services (holidays)


The hotel service we provide to all our customers is focused on personalized attention on quality of life and convenience of guests, because we have trained personnel under the standard of quality and hygiene NOM-093-SSA1-1994

Other Services

Industrial Canteens on ground and on contingency situations like hurricane, there will be food service, exclusive to staff of different companies, which consists of 3 day food service (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is provided.
Maintenance and installation of cameras freezing and refrigeration.
Provision of minor and major kitchen equipment.



Administrative Offices.
Offices for Ground Operations.
Warehouses for better management of products and Refrigeration and freezing cameras.
Special vehicles for transporting food with access permissions for all springs.
Inputs of the highest quality.
Highly qualified staff.
The best and most prestigious brands.

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